Bristol Named The Best Of The UK

Everyone has their own opinion about their favourite places in the UK but only one place can have the title of ‘Best Place to Live in Britain’ and most recently that honour has gone to Bristol! The Sunday Times dished out the title after profiling 64 cities in the UK and Bristol was deemed to be the overall winner thanks to its beautiful houses, scenic views and busy culture and nightlife.

The list didn’t actually provide a ranking, so you are unable to see where your home time might have come; instead they just announced the best overall winner. Whilst a lot of people would have been fascinated to find where their hometown could have come on the list, it will likely have saved a few cities graces by doing so.

Not only was Bristol rewarded for its “great shopping, great scenery and great social scene” but it was also noted for its high quality of schools, low unemployment, great transport connections and also for the friendliness of its residents.

There seems to be a great sense of community in Bristol and it was recently in the news that the city began a crowd-funded project to create an ambitious 90-metre giant water slide on Bristol’s Park Street, which is one of Bristol’s busiest thoroughfares. They sought to do this for a unique ‘park and slide’ scheme.

What this idea shows is that the people of Bristol are both creative and fun, willing to explore ideas and potentially improve their city. The creator of the project, artist Luke Jerram, explained why Bristol was a good choice for such an idea: “It is a good place to test these things. To try and do this in London, for example, would be impossible. Bristol has a sense of fun and is a creative place so it’s perfect.”

However Bristol wasn’t the only place named on the list that The Sunday Times deemed desirable. Skipton in North Yorkshire took the title for most desirable location for homeowners (in a more rural category). Belfast was given the affectionate title of “Most Optimistic”, Cambridge of course was named the “Brainiest” city, Edinburgh took the title for “Best Views” and London had to make do with winning “Best Connected” city.

One of the titles that is always most interesting is that of the “Best for a Night out” and as you might imagine it was won by Newcastle upon Tyne. It was the overwhelming favourite and the newspaper actually claimed it was possible to get a “degree in partying” from the city. Hopefully no cities were offended by the list; after all it is more a celebration of our cities than a criticism to them. The newspaper wrote about the benefits of living in cities, saying they “can be fabulous places to live. They offer almost everything you could ever want. Many of us already live in a city and even more of us are predicted to make our home in one in the next decade.” This is because it is believed that the urban lifestyle is one that appeals to most of us, especially for those of us in our twenties, for young families starting to establish themselves and even for retired people.